Hourly rates:

Support Coordination:

  • Coordination of Supports (Level 2): $100.14
  • Support Connection (Level 1): $74.63
  • Specialist Support Coordination (Level 3): $190.54

*Assistance to access community-based social and recreational activities /

*Assistance with self-care activities:

  • Weekday Daytime: $66.45
  • Weekday Evening: $73.21
  • Saturday: $93.50
  • Sunday: $120.56
  • Public holiday: $147.62
*CCI is compliant with the TTP terms and is eligible to use the TTP support items


Life Transition Planning Including Mentoring, Peer-Support And Individual Skill Development: $74.63


Individual Skills Development And Training: $74.63


Travel and Transport

Activity-Based Transport: $1.10/Km plus parking and toll fees.

Provider Travel – Non-Labour Costs: $1.10/Km

Provider travel (CCI to travel to appointments as required.) Providers can claim for the time staff spends travelling to your location to provide supports: Charged at the same rate as the support line item. Up to 30 minutes each way.


For more information about the NDIS price guide, click here to see the Price Guide and support catalogue or call the NDIS on 1800 800 110.