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We’re currently looking for volunteers to join our Volunteer Matching service!

Are you interested in making a new meaningful connection with someone who has similar interests and hobbies as yourself? How about increasing your own social capital as well as the other person’s as well? Getting connected to Community Connecting Illawarra might just be for you!

picture1“When I joined the volunteer matching service, I had no idea that I would be introduced to a best friend! In 2012, I was introduced to Emily; right away we hit it off due to a shared interest in dance classes at the gym. Soon after meeting, we started trying new activities together (as friends do!)…shopping at different malls, going out for burgers, and celebrating each other’s birthdays. The community-based approach allows for a safe, non-confrontational space to teach our neighbours that people with intellectual disabilities want the same things that we all want…in this case, FRIENDS! Emily and I have been friends for over four years and we exchange more text messages than I do with any of my other friends…I’d say even more than my husband and I!”

– Ellyce Leduc, volunteer match and friend of Emily Menard (pictured here together)

Our Volunteer Matching service aims to bring together two people (an individual we support with an intellectual disability and a volunteer) who have the potential to get along well together and build a genuine friendship. We work with both individuals to find the perfect fit and put the necessary supports in place in the beginning for the match to get off on the right foot. From there, matches have the opportunity to develop and grow in a natural and organic way while still receiving support from staff as needed. The hope in the end is that a connection forms that is genuine and reciprocal for both people i.e.: a friendship!

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity or would like to find out more information, please complete the following form and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

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