Volunteer Matching

Friendships are an important part of everyone’s lives. At Community Connecting Illawarra, we offer volunteer matching as a service for people interested in expanding positive connections in their social circle.

Volunteer matching offers the individual the opportunity to get to know and spend time with someone new who shares similar interests and hobbies as them. The different ways matches could get together and hang out are endless and could range from a variety of interests; including going to see a movie, walking a dog together, attending a NRL game, becoming gym buddies, or just sitting down for a coffee and chatting about anything and everything!We work with the individual to identify what kind of match they are looking for and reach out to the volunteer community to find the perfect fit. The goal is for a natural friendship to develop.

unspecifiedr7edim14For more information on Volunteer Matching, including more on our process, approach and pricing, please contact us.