Employment Supports

11898715_423379827870831_1416498167155746531_nHaving paid employment is important to most people; there are the obvious financial reasons but a job can bring a sense of purpose and fulfilment. This rings true especially for people with intellectual disabilities, where the unemployment rate is higher than most other groups. At Community Connecting Illawarra, we strive to close that gap using a unique approach, which has proven to have very successful outcomes mutually beneficial for both employee and employer.

We offer the following employment services:

13975255_1399541410063131_4800403301389610918_o– Job coaching and job retention: For people who are currently employed and looking for additional on-site support and/or behind the scenes communication and planning with their employer. We offer to engage with the employer and establish a working relationship to help with the support plan and create the best chance of success for the individual.

– Job development: For people who are not currently employed and ready to work, or would like support with key areas like building a resume, employment profile and exploring avenues of interest with the end goal of getting connected to a paid job.2012-03-02-11-42-44

We’re a job matching service; we find the right individual for the right job through building relationships with both employee and prospective employers ready to promote an inclusive and welcoming environment (see also: Employment Partners).

For more information on Employment Supports, including more on our process, approach and pricing, please contact us.