Become An Employment Partner

unspecifiedl6om7gfxAre you an employer looking for a great worker to meet the needs of your business?

Becoming and Employment Partner with Community Connecting Illawarra could be exactly what you’re looking for! We specialise in bringing together employers and people with intellectual disabilities to create mutually beneficial employment partnerships.


What we do:

– We’re a job matching service; we find the right potential candidate with the necessary skills and dedication to fill the needs of your business

– Pre-employment training and support to ensure your new potential employee is as ready as ever

– On site job coaching/training for the employee at no cost to you or your business

– Ongoing support for both the employee and employer in the event something new arises or changes in the job

unspecifiedj9opzi91Business benefits of hiring someone with an intellectual disability include:-

– Having a great worker on your team that will get the job done!

– Increase of morale in your workplace, identified by fellow employees as the most important benefit they’ve experienced in an inclusive work environment

– Proven studies have found people with an intellectual disability show a higher level of loyalty and commitment to their job, which reduces turnover costs

– Businesses have a more diverse and inclusive work environment that more accurately reflects the community today13332778_10153825615063167_7853920850818542568_n

If you have a job opportunity that you think might be a good fit for a person with an intellectual disability or would like to learn more about how you and your business can become an employment partner with us, please complete the following form and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

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